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Join our team of volunteers and Make a Difference! Committing to helping others less fortunate can have a profound benefit on your own life; and you will be providing our organization with the help needed to be able to thrive and carry out our mission.

Why volunteer? Research has shown that volunteering leads to the following:

  • Volunteers tend to have healthier, longer lives
  • Volunteering helps promote stronger relationships both at work and in the home
  • Volunteering builds stronger and better communities
  • Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

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our initiatives

Tea Time with Tasha

Tea Time with Tasha

Tea Time is intended to create a safe space for girls to ask whatever questions they may have about life in sport, and practices on how to overcome the challenges of our teenage years of loving ourselves.


N.H. National Scholarship

N.H.F. National Scholarship

Helping families that have young girls that are at-risk and under-privileged by exposing them to the opportunities of national track events that can lead to success in life and on the track.